Switching off using Osram



I am running OctoPrint using my Raspberry Pi 3... I do like receiving pushover messages after print jobs are finished.

But, it would be nice to turn off the power of my Ender 3 automatically. I already read a few ways to do this.

At the moment I am looking for a solution to turn off the power using an Osram Smart+, which is connected to a Philips hue bridge version 2.

Some smarthome devices are running in my network, too, like ioBroker and homebridge.

Are there any solutions for this?


Is there a Web-API for controlling the Osram-Plug? Directly or over ioBroker or HueBridge?

Then you can use this approach: https://discourse.octoprint.org/t/delayed-shutdown-after-finished-print-possible/5628/5?u=ollisgit



If it does have an api call, you could also use the ShutdownPrinter plugin and all changes can be made from the web UI. The approach is a little easier for the non-techie as you don't have to deal with bash scripts, etc.
Specifically this section is what you're looking to set.


The Osram Smart Plug is connected to the Philips hue bridge... so, I think it has to be an hue command for switching a bulb...

Does anyone know the command ?


Is there any update on this? I'd also love to use my Osram Smart Plug to automatically shut down the printer, especially since the TP-Link plug is twice as expensive.
Is this maybe possible using OpenHAB (which I'm also running on my network)?