Switching second relay automatically after start and finish

My setup:
Fully custom case with a 4 relay board. I only use two of those 4 at the moment.
1 to switch power on the printers psu with the "Psu control" plugin.
2 to turn the ventilators on and off. (two 120mm fans on a separate power supply)

I have found the "gpio control" plugin but it lacks the automation factor that the psu control does have. Unfortunately the PSU control plugin only supports the control of one gpio.

I would like the ventilators to turn on when the print starts and turn off like 2 min after the print is done.
I do not know if it's possible to script this somewhere or if there is another plugin that could manage this. Ive tried the octolight plugin but that is limited en does not work.

Does anybody have a solution for me?

You may try this: