Tasmota Status Info in Banner?

I'm using PSU Control to turn my printer on and off using a tasmota-flashed smart plug and the "System Command" option in PSU Control with a couple of curl commands. Works much better than the relay I had tried to implement previously.

The plug has built-in monitoring for voltage, current and other calculated and aggregate values, and that can be fetched with a simple web request:

curl http://<ip address>/cm?cmnd=Status%208

I was just wondering if there's an existing plugin that can interrogate the plug and display the sensor values. It would be interesting to know how much current I'm drawing during a print, among other things. A cursory search didn't turn up anything obvious ...


My Tasmota plugin will show that on hover of the button in the navbar. IT supports graphing the data over time with a polling internal, etc. Might be what you are looking for. Screenshots/Documentation is a little behind...

EDIT: Seems like I'm getting somewhere. Not sure whether it was because of what I plugged into the Sensor Identifier field or I just didn't wait long enough, but I'm seeing the values in the hover bubble now and the graph is a'graphin'.

ORIGINAL POST: Looks pretty close. At one point I actually saw status information, but after discovering that the icon could also be used to turn the printer on and off, I never saw the status (other than that it was on or off) again. I was hoping to see most of the values in the JSON payload it returns from the HTTP request I posted above:

    "StatusSNS": {
        "Time": "2020-05-21T21:03:27",
        "ENERGY": {
            "TotalStartTime": "2020-05-21T18:55:00",
            "Total": 0.044,
            "Yesterday": 0.000,
            "Today": 0.044,
            "Power": 0,
            "ApparentPower": 0,
            "ReactivePower": 0,
            "Factor": 0.00,
            "Voltage": 0,
            "Current": 0.000
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