Telegram not sending messages

I’m using a Pi4 with Octopi. Got Telegram Plug installed. Got my bot going. I’ve been over the directions several times but I’m not getting a single message other than the test.

I’m probably missing something easy!

I have the same Pi3+ Telegram, Token is fine, bot is done and /status showes in Telegram the actual status. But no message at all, tried some combinations with the side buttons by Messages in the Settings of Octo Telegram, but still no message?

Anybody could help?

I used the Telegram notifier some times ago. I don't use it any more, because the notifications took a long time to to reach the smart phone.

If it were me, I'd check my logs. yep, yep...

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Meanwhile it works perfect! Get the info on my handy and watch, without timedelay.

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