Telegram stopped sending messages

anyone got also problems with the Telegram plugin ? It does not show any information in the Telegram chat, but I can see in the log e.g. my /status is received and the requested information is then given to the bot, but nothing arrives in the chat. (see image below)
It stopped working since some days, I also tried a complete new installation and a new bot also, without success. Token is valid and the check is "green". Any help would be great.


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Hello, I have the same issue. I tried to install older versions of Octoprint (1.9.1. and 1.9.0) but it didn't help at all.

This is no issue of OctoPrint.

It is either the Telegram plugin, the Telegram bot, or Telegram itself.

I don't know what causes the problem but I managed to get it working somehow. I believe the problem is not Octoprint-related since downgrading to version 1.8.7 did not help.

@nitzerebb try to fiddle with camera settings in Ocotoprint Webcam & Timelapse settings. The Telegram bot started to respond to /status command when I checked "flip webcam horizontally"

Yes, I had also success and it responded to /status without changing anything. I believe it simply works sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't...

Hi ! Did somebody found the reason ?

OctoPrint v1.9.3
Telegram Notifications v1.6.5

My printer is connected with telegram and is able to tell me that the printer goes online and which files are available.
But unfortunately I don‘t get an status update while the printer is running. Normally I get an update every 30minutes or so.
Now I don’t get an answer even if I directly type /status

Also tried restarting OctoPrint, Disable and Enable telegran addin again, creating a new bot
Nothing helped...

But I found this: /status not working · Issue #416 · fabianonline/OctoPrint-Telegram · GitHub

Telegram Notification v1.6.6 solved the problem for me !
Unfortunataly it seems not to be available for automatic update yet so it has to be installed manually.