Temp and Humidity via bluetooth

I have these smarthome / apple homekit temp and humidity sensor:

which connects via bluetooth.

I couldn't find any post in this community so far, which gives me the guide or plugin to connect those devices to OctoPrint or OctoPi and read the information.
I would like to place those in my filament boxes.

Are there any plugins or guides available on how to connect or use those?

Many thx

I have never seen anything related to plugins and bluetooth connections, so it probably doesn't exist. If you can fid python examples of doing what you are trying to achieve then it would be possible to make a plugin for it. I personally use Tasmota flashed devices with temp/humidity sensor attached and graph that data within an OctoPrint tab.

Thanks for your input. I am not a programmer, so developing a plugin which shows bluetooth devices next to a pi4 or 3 is nearly impossible.