Temp controlled LEDs

I recently had the idea to create a plug-in that would use the received temperature data from OctoPrint to control RGB led strips. I am as far as writing a simple python script to control the color of the lights based on current temp vs target temp. I’m using a power supply and mosfets with data from gpios to control. At this point my script works as it should. I have a very limited knowledge of octoprint and am looking for advice on how to retrieve temp data for use. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

The REST API is one way of asking the printer how hot the first extruder is, for example.

If you're new to all this, you might want to review an existing plugin to see how they're doing all this.

And also the recently released plugin for led control...


I love the idea of having LEDs change colors as the printer is heating. I'll have to think through the configuration, but it seems like a simple thing to implement into the RGB Status plugin. If anyone has recommendations or requests for a specific configuration they would like to see, please say so. Otherwise, it'll probably just be fading between two colors.

Yeah, I created a TP-Link SmartBulb plugin that controls those types of bulbs and is able to change the color based on gcode commands, but never really found a final use for it. It was a request based on my SmrtPlug plugin to be able to turn on/off a bulb instead of a light.