Temperature blips with hotend PIDs

This isn't a problem with my prints, just wondering if anyone else sees this on an 8-bit board.

  • Orange Pi Zero Plus (great board for octo)
  • latest 1.1.9 bugfix Marlin
  • PIDs for both hotend and bed
  • So many factors here, just curious if anyone sees this from time to time.

Hotend blips at 195C:
187 C
202 C
189.8 C

It might have something to do with what I'm printing at the moment. ...just wondering.



Sorry, this was an early "senior" moment. I took a look at the gcode and the fan was shutting off with M107 and turning back on with M106 S255 early on in the print. So the pids did their job.

Thanks for all the work @foosel