Temperature info not parsed correctly

"Do I know what modification I have to make to the code...?" No. What I'd do is dedicate one Raspi per printer.

Seriously, I intimately know how much processing OctoPrint and printing takes on a Raspberry Pi 3B computer. I've written an interface to monitor its performance, even. It is unwise to try to run more than one printer from one OctoPrint install, (in my humble opinion).

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thanks for the feedback. I can do that. could you point me to a tutorial on how to run multiple ones on the same network? just install and follow each ID? change the host name to something different from default?

It sounds like you have the right idea already: each needs its own hostname. You can change it by running sudo raspi-config, it's under "Network Options".

You could go with a Star Wars theme or almost anything for a naming convention. Just remember that they can be referenced as hostname.local where "hostname" was originally octopi.

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Can you explain what board and firmware this is supposed to help with?
Does this affect CR-10S3/4 users with the Arduino 2560 upgrade board as well?
Is this for the bed or hot end temp?
When you stated you compared it to the old CR-10 output what firmware version were you comparing to?

This solution worked for me very well, until the Phyton Update. Now it does not show temp graph again :frowning:

Are you using the script or this plugin?

I used the script and another plugin, and now this plugin, and no graph

If you got a spare sd card try just the plugin on a fresh image.