Temperature monitoring

Hey guys, quick question. Ive set up my machine for water cooling, been that way for a good year now. One thing i am wondering about though is if its possible to set up some basic temperature sensors to monitor the in/out coolant temperatures. was thinking I may be able to use the enclosure plugin, but it only lists combo temp/humidity sensors. i was planning to solder/epoxy some temp sensors to some scrap tubing so these sensors may not work for that. Im getting a Digikey order together and would like to get all my parts in one go if possible.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance!

You might look at this one. It even has a board schematic that shows you how simple this is. It's similar to this one which has a probe. And then on to the Adafruit guide.

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Thanks for the reply.

unfortunetly none of those sensors will be easy to place on the tubing. I was thinking of just grabbing some thermistors on a ring lug and then attaching them to the tubeing. something like this:
just not sure how easy it would be to connect to the Pi and have it read via a plugin

The reason I suggested Adafruit is because they give practical examples which work. The basic principle of most of these is to measure the difference in resistance in a two-metal junction (called a K-probe).

i ordered some DS18B20 sensors with resistors. with luck I should be able to make a simple circuitboard to allow them to be pressed onto the pipeing.Thanks again for the help.

Run it on a breadboard until you get things nailed down. Then work up the circuit board concept.