Temperature Tab Replacement

So I've started working on a temperature tab replacement that utilizes plotly for graphing and hopefully will be easy for other developers to submit additional temperature data via a newly registered hook. I haven't yet started working on the hook part yet. I do have a working graphing solution for the temperatures currently being reported by the octoprint-comm-protocol-temperatures-received hook.

I'm currently only reporting the actual temps and not the target temps, but wanted to get some feedback. Do you feel it's necessary to display target temps, keeping in mind the amount of lines that could potentially be shown in the graph?

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I would just call it the plotty plugin; perhaps I want to plot mire than just temps (fans, layer times, effective material extrusion)

Good point, thanks. I may just take out the Temp part and leave it Plotly Graph. Those other things scare me a bit because those other things might not be an appropriate scale for the y-axis relative to printing temps.

Perhaps there could be multiple graphs on a single page...

Lol, not looking to create a dashboard plugin, that one is already in the works by @Stefan_Cohen.

  • You could add the target temperature as in "209.59/210 T0"
  • You could make the target temperature the alt/title text for hover-over
  • You could draw a thin horizontal line for each target in a color like RGBA('#00FF0033') where it has a thin alpha so that it doesn't really compete with the related curve