Terminal mode buffer

Ok, now that the UI has been much improved (1.5) maybe next we can fix terminal mode.

Terminal mode buffer should be FIFO/circular buffer and should not ever fill to the point of not accepting data. Old lines should be removed as new lines come in.

This would make terminal mode as useful as using pronterface or direct connected slicers.

IMHO, a shouldn't be FORCED to clear the buffer in order to use terminal mode and see what is going on.

This has been the second of my pet peeves with Octoprint over the years, (ui being less than ideally responsive was the other.)

The UI Customizer goes a little way towards a more responsive interface. As for the terminal, I'm pretty sure it does cut off commands that are older if you have autoscroll enabled doesn't it?

So it does -- should be the default though.
Also, maybe a change to a check box for it like the filter would make it easier to see when it's on or off -- with my Mac, you can barely see a difference in the button (text changes next to it but a check would be better).
I've just returned to using Octoprint after a long hiatus (couldn't take the old UI issues.)

There are lots of plugins then that have been made since your last visit probably.

@jneilliii has anyone investigated into using a textarea - it seems faster for me when doing a bunch of tests. Then the output could be store/retrieved as a json object etc. to enable filters.

Not that I know of. But then that's why it's open source, give it a go and propose changes.

The output is already stored in a lot of debug files - but having fancy pancy filtering in html is bad - much easier/prettier to have it filtered in js and then redisplayed.

Yeah, not that I've seen. There would be potential plugin breaking scenarios, like terminal messages.

I have tried a bit. For now I will be making an option to turn it of when not active. This should not break anything as far as I can figure out.

Will try with a couple of plugins