Terminate / abort prusa mk3 mmu2 - unload filament sequence gcode


Hi there,
Hi Gina,
it's a pleasure to work with octoprint. Thanks a lot!

While looking to my print (by cam :wink: ) I quiet often like to abort this print.
Doing it by octoprint the filament remains in the extruder.

Is there a sequence or a checkbox selection that I can add to the one that ends the print?

So that I can continue sleeping by making it out of the bedroom :wink:
Thank you for your feedback


Hi @piotre15!

I've put this code into the GCODE Sprips box for After print job is cancelled

I've extracted it from a regular GCODE File

M702 C

G4 ; wait
M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
M140 S0 ; turn off heatbed
M107 ; turn off fan
; Lift print head a bit
G1 Z56 ; Move print head up
G1 X0 Y200; home X axis
M84 ; disable motors


Dear Ewald
Thanks a lot.

I'm missing the command for unloading the filament all the way down to the mmu2.

Still looking ...


It's the M702 C at the beginning as describe in this document.


Great - haven't seen it - sorry for bothering again ...


Does that M702 C cause the extruder to reverse too? Or just the MMU gear?


I just tried it.
Yes, it causes the extruder reverse and than the MMU.


Thanks. I had some other gcode above it that I think was causing me problems. I simplified my gcode snippet, thanks for asking the question! It motivated me to improve my script.