Thank you for Octoprint!


my name is Jan, I am new to 3D-Printing and just got my 1st printer a few weeks back. I have chosen to get a Original Prusa I3 Mk3 kit. Before the purchase I have been watching a LOT of Tom's, 3D Nerd and Maker's Muse content on YouTube. That was MOST helpful to not fall into the trap of getting a cheap CN printer to start with as a beginner. The frustration would likely have caused me to quit before getting anywhere. As a 2nd printer I would definitely go for a "project" type purchase.

One of the very 1st things I did, even before seriously adjusting the 1st layer etc was to get Octoprint installed. Super easy to implement with the Prusa printer and everything worked just straight away ! Thank you for that.

About myself..... I live in West-Cork, on the Sheep's Head peninsula in Ireland. Great place to live, my chosen home by now. Job and hobby is IT, I am Network and Systems engineer for an ISP. Application engineering and programming are not my thing, shell scripts and Unix/Linux CLI are my friends and get me most places. Apart from IT, some simple electronics (Arduino stuff etc.) I enjoy sailing, EVE Online and hanging out with friends and Pints :wink:

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and say hello to all.

Have FuN!
Jan P.


Hey Jan! Thanks for helping out on the forums.

You'll soon start to see the world in a completely different way. When sailing, you'll eye something that needs a new part designed and you'll actually bring a digital caliper onboard so that you can make some measurements. ha

You can take advantage of that, though. A printed part might cost you $0.20 worth of filament or something ridiculous as compared to what a marine-grade plastic mount of some kind might go for. There might be some money in designing and selling parts for boats.

Welcome! I recall having Octoprint burned to my pi before my printer even showed up. I would never want to use my printer with out it and im glad to see you feel the same way as well! :slight_smile:

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I went from falling asleep in the print room filled with ABS fumes, to pronterface and an IP camera to keep an eye on things remotely (but unable to do anything without going into the fume filled room), to octoprint. Never having to smell the horrid fumes that come off a print is awesome.


@foosel = saving lives with Octoprint. :wink:

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We need to get you an enclosure for that with a HEPA filter.

I have not yet noticed any smells, even printing ABS exclusivley for the last week..... have to say I am a smoker, I cook a lot and I have a fireplace.... all of that is more prominent in the air :wink:

I have a friend welding an enclosure just now, not cause of smell but ABS printing of larger parts.

Jan P.

And as I've been told in the past apparently also the one or other marriage :joy:


The printer is in a room all by itself with a door to the outside, now I just leave the door open to let the smell out.

Yeah... but the S in ABS is styrene.

One of the concerns is that the airborne particles are smaller than 0.1 micron and thus are able to pass right through the pulmonary alveolus, for example. There's zero chance that I would 3D print ABS without a containment + filter system indoors.

I think it smells good!

I doubt the 3d printer will be the end of me, I'm sure the fibreglass strands floating in the air, pungent welding fumes, silica based grinding dust, and polishing compounds will get me first.

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Ah, don't be so optimistic. It'll probably be a stray bus :slight_smile:

Kidding. Love your name and in full agreement, as a guy who met (and bought software from) Larry Wall.


Time to put the wallet where the mouth is, just became a Patron.

Keep up the great work !
Jan P.


Hello Gina,

I have to say thank you for all your great work!!!
I've an ender2 and a Raspi2 with Octoprint on it. I've seen all your vlogs and I'm absolutely excited, how you look and help after your users.

Nowadays i have some trouble with connection between ender and Octoprint but i thing its the usb-socket. All the problems i can become: I'm sure that i can find the solves here. Many Thanks for that.

Nice Greets from Steinfurt.