The ability to copy .ISO or .IMG file to SD card or USB...from your Raspberry Pi

So my primary workstation died. An HP i3...AMD64. I needed to find a way I could get my R Pi's to do the same. Copy an .IMG or .ISO file to an SD or USB Drive. I keep reading "just use dd" oh, "but be very careful" I read the entire set of commands with the variable. It made my eyes hurt.

I found an application that works on Raspbian to do the same thing without the excessive pain of "dd".

"MultiWriter" is right there in Synaptic Package Manager. You can create .img or .iso files to be copied to a USB or SD card on a Raspberry Pi...when you have nothing else.

Too bad Balena Etcher doesn't have an arm binary.

No its not... Balena Etcher has been flaky for me (and others) for many, many versions now. I'm not sure the development team is up to the task of keeping the environments they currently have working let alone adding a new one.

I've had nothing but success with Etcher on linux and on mac.

in the older days, there was one time I dd'd Raspbian .. to my mac. It wouldn't boot, because the drive was encrypted. It wouldn't even boot-recover. It took Geniuses a few hours.

never had any issues with etcher. win32diskimager was total crap

There is a tool that will write an ISO or IMG to a USB or SD in the RPi world.

MultiWriter is that tool.

happy disk imaging...