The Christmas stocking-stuffer thread

I was thinking it would be cool to start a thread in which we could share a small STL file. The thought would be that you—on your printer locally—could print things that you could then put in your own or someone else's Christmas stocking.


  • the part should be small
  • useful in some way
  • should print in, say, under an hour

Just reply to the thread here and add your contribution(s).

Here's a part that I'm basing upon something I saw in the MSR catalog. I've designed this to be compatible with 4mm 550 Paracord which is typical of camping line these days. It works quite well for something which I created in a few moments in Autodesk Fusion 360; it only took two iterations to dial it in.



  • 40 layers, 8mm height, 18 minutes
  • PLA, for example, at 190°C and I don't have a heated bed so do what you're used to doing
  • You could potentially print this in carbon fiber—infused material if you wanted additional strength; I've found the material though to be a little "sticky" and might wear the Paracord over time
  • No raft or supports necessary but make sure that it's flat against the bed and the notch is oriented UP in your slicer (rather than how it is displayed here)

5milCamRing.stl (300.8 KB)


Since everyone's being shy, I guess I'll add another. This one is the text "Merry Christmas" in Braille.

  • 24 layers, 75mm x 35 mm x 5mm, should be just under an hour
  • PLA , for example, at 190°C and I don't have a heated bed so do what you're used to doing
  • No raft or supports necessary, just make sure that it's oriented so that the dots face upwards

merry-christmas.stl (168.6 KB)