The Spaghetti Detective / Obico

Hello everyone,

now as I finally set up Obico with a self-hosted Obico server I can't shake the impression that - after Obico appropriated the spaghetti-detective - their major directive is to get users online and connected to their platform to "control your printer from everywhere".

Even with local set-up obico-server and linked local printer the plugin compels the user to set up an online-obico-account!!

Why the hell should anyone want that? Octoprint already allows lots of NOT cloud hosted remote control possibilities (i.ex. via VPN ...). And after all: what has the original "spaghetti-detectives - failure detection function" to do with the bag full of obico additional remote control features that duplicate octoprint features ??

Can anyone please contradict my presumption? Did I get sth wrong? Or am I right?




so now that I have calmed down a little :slight_smile: I would like to get rid of something.

I am as concerned about open source community-based programming as I am about freeing IoT devices from their "cloud chains" (e.g. Xiaomi and many others).

I am VERY grateful to all the people like Gina and the rest of you for all the work you do and support them where I can even though I don't know anything about programming myself but am just a huge fan of the open source idea.

That's why I don't understand why such a successful model like Octoprint or the Spghetti Detective are being brought back in this direction.

And it's not about offering a cloud solution in addition, but it's not clear to me why the plugin until the end - even after successful setup and link to Octoprint - still asks for the creation of an Obico online account just as if it was also necessary for a local setup.

But as I said: I would be happy if I am wrong... :wink: Anyone?

Running your own obico-server and Obico for OctoPrint doesn't require an account on their cloud service to run.

Obico and The Spaghetti Detective are one and the same - it was just a rebrand of the existing project by the same people, nobody took over anything.

OctoPrint is not changing direction either, Obico is a separate, 3rd party service.

Just to emphasize further what @Charlie_Powell already said: You seem to have confused something here. Obico and OctoPrint are not the same thing or even done by the same people. Obico is a 3rd party here, they do their thing, I do mine (and thankfully they also sponsor me in doing mine).

I have no intent to push anyone towards a cloud, quite the contrary tbh (heavy user of Home Assistant here and a ton of other stuff self hosted locally), and in no way is OctoPrint changing any kind of direction.

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Hello again,

Thank you very much for proofing me false :slight_smile:

And sorry for wording it wrong, it should have read:

That's why I don't understand why such a successful model like the Spaghetti Detective are being brought back in this direction.

So I never thought of Obico and octoprint being made by the same people. As I said: thank you all very much for the work around octoprint. :kissing_heart: As I said before: local use is a matter close to my heart :slight_smile: