[Themeify] Looking for the coding experts?

Example of Code to have page load with .sidebar-accordion collapsed by default on page load.

Example of Code to remove .sidebar from main page and move them to individual tabs instead.

Wondering if it's possible without a lot of code consisting of possibly even having to edit the config.yaml file.


On a side note... if someone just has some notes on editing from their experiences already that would point me in the right direction that would be great. And yeah I've already checked out the makeover video by Makers Mashup. Before I get asked why I want to customize it so much is planing on using for live stream and need to re-arrange the layout considerably.

You may have a look here: Pimp my web interface

You could use my StatefulSidebar plugin to remember the collapse of the sidebar panels.


Thanks I'll check it out.

Self-Isolation? Perfect time to try and find a coder! If you'd be interested in taking this dashboard project on please contact me. It's for my Live stream.