Themeify sometimes doesn´t work for all customizations


Hey guys. I´ve made a few changes to mi interface using themeify, but sometimes they work, and sometimes they don´t. If it´s not working, I go to themeify properties, uncheck and check again the checkbox, and it works. Does anyone have the same problem? Any clues on how to solve it?

For example, I like to see what´s going on with my printings from temp or terminal tabs. Added the camera as backgroung for these tabs, but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.


I've noticed the same thing on occasion, but haven't been able to figure out what is happening. It may be some kind of race condition. Perhaps post this on the themeify github page here?


This sometimes happens for me, too. I'm guessing it's a race condition. If Themeify can't fire off and make its adjustments before the page fully loads then it just misses that cycle. A refresh often will fix it.

I note that I just wrote a plugin and it was necessary to adjust my static/js/plugin.js file, I had to use self.onStartupComplete = function() rather than the default. (It fires off after everything else on the page and other plugins have done their thing.) I've just verified, though, that Themeify is indeed using this hook rather than something that fires off earlier.

Not sure what to say other than it sometimes doesn't apply your styling. Granted, I have a lot of customizations in Themeify.