Themeify with tab icons + Timelapse + Bedlevelizer without OctoPrint-TabOrder


Just wanted you to see my customizations to Themeify to allow both Timelapse and Bedlevelizer to include displayable icons when you turn on the Tab Icons feature in its settings.

That's #tab_plugin_bedlevelvisualizer_link for the last Selector. I chose the balance scale rather than the bed, for what it's worth. I wanted to use solar-panel but it's not quite available yet.


Nice. Although :frowning_face: for not using one of my plugins. of course it's not necessary if you know how to edit the config.yaml file yourself to change the order manually if you want.


I generally like to run the least number of plugins that will get the job done. I do like your TabOrder plugin but I managed to do without it this time.

Thanks for all the cool ones you do create. I often refer to them, btw.