This setup is downright tragic


Here's my current setup, which is a bit tragic.

My previous printer (Monoprice Ultimate) was acting up so I wound up selling it, so I've got my Monoprice Mini in its place, and I'm having issues even connecting it to octoprint. Worse yet is the camera taped into place sitting on top of a couple sharpening stones, with the supplemental light from a GoPro hanging off the end of a bench grinder to supply light. I can at least use the monitor tab to see the printer, even if I can't control the darned thing.


If it makes you feel any better, my camera is precariously wedged under some boxes of crap that were on the workbench on top of a cracker tin. My lights are “attached” to the printer with velcro cable ties and the bed is held “level” with binder clips. IMO, cobbling things together is at least half the fun.


Oh, we are doing slightly under engineered camera mounts?


I just hope you ate all the crackers first! I'd be constantly moving the camera just so I could get some more crackers. :smiley:


Well, that makes me feel better! :smiley: I don't have the Mk3 to point it at, but I did just order mine today. Now to wait until May... :cry:


@cmh Could this plugin help with your connection issues? Malyan/Monoprice Connection Fix

I had the camera standing behind the printer for a long time until I've printed this mount:


Yes! I thought there was a plugin and I thought I searched, but I apparently suck at searching for plugins. Installed that and it can connect to the printer but it's still being cranky - bed won't heat.


Anything on the terminal that might explain why?


There's all types of stuff on the terminal, problem is I've never really looked at it before so I can't tell "that's normal" from "uh oh". :smiley: I played around with it a bit more yesterday, and I think it's something wonky with the printer. I turned on the bed heater, and the temperature went up, got to about 37, and then started dropping, even though the setpoint was still 60. I started a print and just let it run, and eventually it did start, and printed successfully, but the bed temp was below 60 the whole time. On the upside, I can now print from my octoprint instance, even if the printer is misbehaving a little. I'm not terribly worried about getting it 100% as this printer is only home until I get my Mk3, at which point it'll be going back to work. This is all temporary... but it's gonna be a long April waiting for the Mk3 which isn't scheduled to ship until May.


Well, it's working, and it's still tragic!

I have printed a modified version of my camera mount for the print bed so the camera is sorta mounted on a tripod, but the GoPro light is velcro'd to the front of that. It's surrounded by a bunch of bike parts, either printed or real, and some half-finished projects.

What's still pretty tragic is the Pi is doing double duty as a thermostat for the shop, so it's wired into a relay board and temp sensors and that's all hacked together. Due to the original location of the thermostat, the wires for the printer connection and the webcam are draped over my bench grinder, which I still use, and so far haven't catastrophically sucked all the parts into it.

I could promise it'll all be perfect and beautiful when the Prusa shows up, but ... yeah, that won't be happening.

On the upside, it's been working with the Monoprice Mini rather wonderfully lately, so thanks to @MaxAtoms and @foosel for the help!


I did a write-up for a suction cup mounted part for the Pi NoIR camera, in case anyone wants to print one (with sourced parts).


Oh, that's a really clever idea!