Thumbnails with Super Slicer

I have just changed from Cura to Super Slicer (SL) and I have lost the thumbnails that I had on the OctoPrint file list.

I have SL configured for 16x16 and 200x200 thumbnails. I am seeing the large thumbnail when I click on the show thumbnail button but I am not seeing the small thumbnail that was automatically displayed next to the file details.

I have the 'Slicer Thumbnails' Plugin installed.

What am I missing?

Sample file here:

For those interested - SL is looking very nice with lots of useful settings and particularly good support controls. I always found Cura's support options very tedious. The only feature I have not yet found in SL is the 'Monitor' option that Cura offers to watch the live stream from OctoPrint :frowning:


Enable the option for inline thumbnails in the plugin's settings.

Beautiful, thanks. How was it working for Cura without that option?

I believe it's also an option in that plugin, but may be defaulted to being enabled.

As the creator of the plugin that offers that feature in Cura:

Thank you for that plug in. Your challenge now is to write one for Super Slicer :slight_smile:
I'm not even sure that Super Slicer has Plugins ??

SuperSlicer works like PrusaSlicer. You can take the PrusaSlicer Thumbnail plugin. It works fine

Thanks Ewald. I have the thumbnail working now.
The plug in referred to above is the one that allows Cura to monitor the video live stream.

Actually called Slicer Thumbnails now because it supports Prusa/SuperSlicer, Simplify3D, and Cura.

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