Timelapse+ Question

Just installed Timelapse+ and it says it can't run because something isn't working properly relative to FFmpeg Path. The github docs show a reference to the FFmpeg path but it's a windows path, vs. a Pi path. I assumed this was something on the RPi, vs. a path for something used when I am doing post-processing on a windows based brower. Anyone have any ideas?

I don't know the error and haven't used the plugin yet.
I've never heard of ffmpeg browser integration so I'm pretty sure it's the path on the OctoPrint host and the plugin dev is running OctoPrint on windows.

If you're looking for the ffmpeg path on OctoPi you can just check the stock timelapse settings (the integrated feature).
If you're running your own setup you can check where ffmpeg is located with whereis ffmpeg in ssh.
In my case it looks like this:

whereis ffmpeg
ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg /usr/share/ffmpeg /usr/share/man/man1/ffmpeg.1.gz

I would use the first one in the bin folder.

I've installed and used the Timelapse+ plugin, and it's a bit confusing as the screenshots appear to be based on Windows. I've been 'chatting' with the developer (cmuche) on GitHub, and he explained what's needed.

The paths to ffmpeg and ffprobe are /usr/bin/ffmpeg and /usr/bin/ffprobe as stated by PrintedWeezl above.

The webcam URL is the same as is in the Octoprint default Webcam & Timelapse settings under Features. In my case, that is - it's under the Timelapse Recordings section.

You can find my 'chat' on the plugin GitHub Issues page.

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