[Tip] A cheap 1080p PTZ camera that works with Octoprint


Wanted to give you all a quick tip on a cheap camera for your 3d printer that can also be used with Octoprint

I saw a lot of posts on different forums about is and people are looking for a cheaper alternative but struggle to use them

Sonoff GK-200MP2B

  • 1080p

  • Pan and Tilt

  • Mic

  • Wifi

There is RTSP support but it's not supported on Octoprint out of the box

There is a way to run a ffmpeg server, but it does use CPU on your Raspberry

I wanted something that doesn't add overhead like the raspberry native camera but I also wanted a mic and pan&tilt so I can hear what going on and change angles

So I'm using the Sonoff, with this hack

Which give me a URL to a 1080p h264 snapshot

And I use SnapStream Octoprint plugin to see a feed from the cam

This way I offloaded all the heavy lifting to the camera cpu

This also works with Octolapse

Its a better option then connection a camera to the raspberry usb (like many do with the wyze)

The camera is 29$ (aliexpress)

SD card 3-5$ (mandatory if you want the hack to octoprint)