Too long extrusion prevented


I'm trying to use the change filament plugin but seeing the following message when trying to use it...

Send: G1 E-500 F1600
Recv: echo: too long extrusion prevented

Can this maximum extrusion be set in the printer profile or overridden with a connection GCODE?


Afaik you can change this variable only before building marlin.

Prevent Lengthy Extrude


A lengthy extrusion may not damage your machine, but it can be an awful waste of filament. This feature is meant to prevent a typo or glitch in a G1 command from extruding some enormous amount of filament. For Bowden setups, the max length should be set greater than or equal to the load/eject length.


its for Filament Change plugin - it doesn't work because it blocks the extrude command.

I changed to a bondtech and miss the little dial that I printed for the stock extruder winding in and out the filament. Turning the cog by hand is tearing up my thumb and its a pain having to hold the extruder open to withdraw.

seems this is already a thing...