Tool standby temperature?


I often print several short (small) parts in succession and the hot end will cool to near room temperature between prints, which wastes a bit of time.

Is there a plugin that will hold the tool temperature at something other than 0? Warming from 150 to 200, for instance, would take far less time and prevent oozing between prints.

The thing is that your end gcode specifically tells your printer to turn the hotend off and it wouldn't be wise to have a plugin turning it automatically back on imo.

I would use either a differend end gcode or edit those files.

You need to change M104 S0 to M104 S150

You could manually add the temperature gcode command to OctoPrint's on print completion section in GCODE Scripts while you're doing it and then take it out afterwards.

Alternately you could install Smart Preheat plugin and add the snippet to After Print Job Completes.

@TheRiflesSpiral :
No matter what solution you will use. I strongly recommend to install this:

Awesome suggestions. Thanks, everyone.