Tools and parts for 3D printer upgrades?

Hi there,

I may want to upgrade the motherboard of my Anycubic Mega S. While I think about potential board options, I thought that it would be more important to purchase spare parts such as cable end connectors, electrical wiring, and tools such as crimpers.

Could the more experienced makers make some recommendations? At this point in time I have in my took kit:
-soldering iron
-heat gun
-wire strippers
-ferrule crimpers
-XH 2.54 mm Pitch Terminal Kit
-other basic tools that would be found in any household
-EDIT: multimeter

I think I probably need another pair of crimping pliers like these ones but beyond that I really don't know. Any help would be appreciated.


I would recommend a decent multimeter to check for connectivity and/or short circuit.
And depending of the used stepper driver, you may need one to set the idle current of the driver.

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Definite use a camera (like the one on your phone). Don't make the same mistake I did when taking apart a complex machine like that. Take pictures of everything, so you know how to put it back together again later. Trust me once your two cups of coffee and 6 hours into a project like an entire extruder overhaul or a board replacement in your case, you'll wish you took pictures.