Top Nav Bar missing all Icons and Text on Safari browser

I am using safari on an Apple iphone 6 and the top nav bar only displays the OctoPrint logo. None of the icons or text on the nav bar are displayed. If I display the same page using Chrome on an Android phone the nav bar displays correctly. I am running version IOS 12.4.4.

I'm sorry to hear that but there is probably not much we can do about it.
Apple did and still does some things differently with Safari and web developers sometimes have to change their sites just to get them work on iPhones.

I'll still tag @foosel in case it's an easy fix - which I doubt.

I'm not familiar with iDevices - but if possible I would suggest to use one of the OctoPrint companion apps from the AppStore.

Thanks for passing it on. I have tried Octopod from the app store and it is lacking a number of items and could not get the web cam to work, otherwise it is a nice app. I probably tweak the dashboard plugin to give me what I am missing.
Thanks again

A screenshot of the problem might help to see if there's something we can understand from actually seeing the issue. Testing in safe mode (especially if you have a theming plugin) might help to make sure it's not a conflict.


So when I ran in safe mode all the top nav bar icons appeared.

So then I restarted back in normal mode and disabled all the plugins I install. (UI Customizer, Emergency Stop Button, Fan Control) and did a restart but there were no icons just Octoprint on the right side of the top nav bar. I then disabled a couple more plugins but nothing changed and decide to stop there before I really messed up my install.

When in safe mode the icons on the iphone appear just like they do on a desktop browser. This is all done with a safari browser, I cannot install chrome or firefox since the version of the IOS is too old even though it is the latest version for the iphone 6. I also could not see the top nav bar icons using an Opera browser that I installed, so it looks more like an IOS issue not a browser issue.



That's actually Apple's fault in this case - on iOS, they force everyone into using Safari's rendering engine for web pages. So while it looks like you have a different browser, it's really just Safari in disguise as far as the actual website is concerned.