Total Hours Tracking for Maintenance

I searched but didn't find anything on this topic. Maybe it's not worth the trouble.

I looked for a plug-in that would keep track of total print hours with user settable alerts for upcoming periodic maintenance.

Items like cleaning and oiling rods or bearings, or just to know how many hour you have total. Sort of like an hourmeter on a piece of equipment. You could also use it to track hours printing each day and maybe save to a .CSV file so you could use Excel or another spreadsheet to plot print time by hour/day/week/month.

Does anything exist like this now? I do not have ability to create a plug-in so please don't suggest that I write one, it won't happen because I stink at coding.

You've got know your limitations and that is one of mine. :slight_smile: is work in progress. I already started a plugin called "Maintenance Manager", but it is currently not released yet.

The first release (MVP) should include the following features:

Tracking of

  • runtime, total print time
  • total movement of each axis and movement of the extruder(s)
  • movements related to currently used hardware e.g. Nozzle or ball-bearings, etc. (kind of hardware profile)

I can reuse a lot of sourcecode from my other plugins ("odometer" from SpoolManager or CSV-Export and Reports from PrintJobHistory....but it takes some time :wink:

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you mean PrintJobHistory?

upps..thx for reporting. Typo is fixed!

Sounds just like what I was dreaming of.

I look forward to seeing your handiwork.

There is now a first DEV-Release:

Current features:

  • Track total print time (pause excluded)
  • Track axis movement (x/y/z/t0). Multi-Tool is currently not displayed


Installation via plugin manager:

Feature request/ideas could be raised here: Issues Β· OllisGit/OctoPrint-MaintenanceManager Β· GitHub


Thanks, I hope to give this a try tomorrow.