TouchUI does not uninstall completely

Hi, i run current octopi with touchui. It is a great plugin, but now i have a big monitor again and i would like to switch from my 5" to my 17" one. I deactivated the plugin, that didn´t help (with reboot). I activated it again and wanted to disable "touchui" on the screen. That option was not available. After that i deinstalled the plugin with all data and rebooted. Now the pi wants to connect to Touchui and counts....

What do i have to do to uninstall it completely and start a fresh browser with the normal Octoprint interface on the PI ?

Thanks for help

Answer: sudo ~/TouchUI-autostart/helpers/uninstall

could have been easier if written on the plugin homepage.

btw error messages while uninstalling
"/home/pi/TouchUI-autostart/helpers/uninstall-steps/0-boot-to-command: line 31: [: too many arguments"

Getting too many error while uninstalling the touch UI. It is not getting installed completely i think there might be many bugs in the UI due to which i am getting this much errors. I want to uninstall it as its making my system slow.