TouchUI doesn't load webpage on my pi w/touchscreen device

I'm a newbie here so be gentle please.

OctoPrint displays fine on my android tablet and windows laptop (chrome). It's the pi/touchscreen device with the issue of halting with the message "browser's error console".

I put an Adafruit 3.5" resistive touchscreen on my pi 3 model B. Followed HowChoo's instructions ( and up until the last step, things seem to be going good.

When I start/restart the pi it:

  1. churns through the starting this and startied that
  2. displays the cursor (arrow) in the middle of the screen which follows my finger when I drag
  3. displays the TouchUI background with
    a) "connecting to TouchUI"
    b) then "Loading OctoPrint"
    c) then "Loading TouchUI"
    (Displays "Connecting to http://[::1]/" at the bottom of the screen during the above)
  4. then goes away for 30 seconds or so and comes back with "browser's error console" "octoprint.log"

Looking through the log (that is attached) it looks like tornado.access has some sort of issue.
"2020-11-30 21:06:22,474 - tornado.access - WARNING - 403 GET /api/settings (::1) 310.97ms"

Anyone know what's going wrong, and even more important, how to fix it?

Thanks in advance


octoprint (1).log (13.7 KB)

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