TouchUI plugin greyed out and pending install


Touch UI Plugin is greyed out and not installing after reboot.

What I did:

So I followed the very good guide to install octoprint on a raspberry pi 4 running rasbian and got it working fine. In the same guide is explained how to install Touch UI. I clicked on install, it said "installed successfully" or something similar but did not work. I followed all steps in the guide. After further inspection, a little switch in the plugin manager was turned off. I turned it on but the plugin still is greyed out. One icon on hover says "pending install" and the other one "restart of octoprint needed for changes to take effect". I restarted octoprint and the pi multiple times but the plugin status does not change.

I could not find any info on greyed out plugins or plugins pending instal on the forum nor in the issues of the plugin author.

Any help is appreciated!

Could you please share the systeminfo bundle with your next post?

So it seems the buttons to reboot/shutdown octoprint/pi did not work properly even though a message that the command was send successfully was shown. By using sudo service octoprint restart the system actually restarted and all plugins worked fine.

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