TouchUI, Refused to Connect

Been running TouchUI on my Pi2B, for a couple of weeks and decided it was time to upgrade. I backed up OctoPrint, Put together the new Pi4B-2G, restored the backup and everything is good except TouchPI.

Tried uninstalling TouchUI and re-installing, ran both commands a couple times, no go.

But, then I saw a quick error before the screen asking for the AutoLogin Username popped up, it said too many arguments in line 8

This is a Pi4B with the official 7" touch display on an Ender 3 Pro.


Got it.

Remembered I had the same problem on the Pi2B. Went into /etc/default/touchui and changed the port number from 8888 to 80.

Updating in case someone needs this help in the future.

Thanks for a great plugin, you made me spend more money.... lol

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