TouchUI - Stops OctoPrint from running

Touch UI, when enabling the Touch UI Chromium Browser to display Touch UI on Raspberry PI 7" Touch Screen, the Octoprint Server stops running and wont restart.

Started with a clean install of Octopi, setup and ran update to 0.17.

Touch UI installed in plugins, which I can see via the web page on my desktop. When I go to activate the display on the raspberry pi using this script

git clone ~/TouchUI-autostart/
sudo ~/TouchUI-autostart/helpers/install

Suddenly the Octoprint server stops responding and the TouchUI wont connect, the octoprint webserver show this error message.

The OctoPrint server is currently not running

Any insights into this cause or solution?

I guess it would be good to ask questions of Linux like:

  • Is the octoprint service running?
  • Is the haproxy service running?

I would troubleshoot this by using a browser on my workstation as well as remoting into the Pi using ssh.

See this post on the TouchUI repo.

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