TP-Link Plug-In working in Octoprint but not Octodash

I have been using the TP Link plug-in in Octodash to power on the printer (connected to a Kasa HS105) when Octodash is activated, and to shut it down. This morning (following a print that finished overnight) that stopped working — though the Octoprint plug-in still seems to work as it always did, at least in terms of manually powering the HS105 on and off.

I did notice that the client software on my phone had been updated, which leads me to suspect that the firmware on the devices might also have been updated, and I’m aware that’s created problems using this plug-in under some circumstances.

But it seems odd that it would stop working only in Octodash. I checked to make sure the configuration hadn’t changed, network was working, devices had access, et cetera et cetera.

Anyone else had this happen?

Since you didn't get an answer here I would suggest you try it on the plugins github page.

I appreciate that. With further research, turns out the problem was very easily corrected — I noticed that the backup I had restored from didn’t have that enabled in the config file, though I still don’t know what caused the issue to begin with (as I had restored the backup to try to address another problem).

(I have since been back-and-forth with jneilliii about a similar issue on GitHub, and he’s been very helpful.)

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