TP-Link SmartBulb Testers Needed (Especially Multi-Color)

I've just posted a fork of my TPLink-Smartplug plugin that will hopefully allow for controlling TP-Link Smart Bulbs. If anyone out here has one I'd love to get some feedback. Install using the url below in plugin manager, go into settings and modify for your bulb's ip address.

Will probably be removing some of the options from the bulb settings that aren't necessary when not dealing with power (Auto Connect/Disconnect and maybe System Command options) in the future. Enable debug logging and post the plugin_tplinksmartbulb_debug.log file in the issue tracker here so I can see how everything is working.

I'm specifically interested in the GCODE options and utilizing M150 commands to change the color of multi-color bulbs like the KB130. Need to see if the conversion I'm using is correct for RGB to HSV formats.


What did you have in mind for driving the colors (temperature of hotend/bed, job status, job percentage...)?

Secondly, why is green represented by U instead of G in the M150? [/rant at reprap or whoever]

I agree about the U, the plugin will actually recognize G too. I'm not really sure yet on the use case for the color, but I was developing for turning the bulb on/off and that option was there there to control, so why not.

I just ordered one of those blubs, I will be happy to try and help out!!!

I love your other plugins also, these are the ones I am using, Bed Visualizer, Custom Background, ipOnConnect, TP-Link Smartplug, and tab order...…….

Thanks so much. The person that originally requested it of my TP-Link Smartplug plugin hasn't responded yet. Thanks for the feedback as well on my other plugins. I'm glad to share with the community what I can.

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As soon as it shows up I will let you know, Thank You!

Hello again, it will be here Saturday. This is the one I have ordered.....

Ok have the plugin and the 16 mil color blub in...…… I will have to figure out setting it up after while.....

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Yep having problems getting it to work....