TP-link Smartplug plugin question

At the moment I'm controlling my printer with Octopi.
And I want to shutdown the printer at the end op a printjob.
The power is currently controlled by an Ewelink smartsocket.
Can I use the TP-link plugin to control the Ewelink smartsocket?
best regards Piet.

No, my TPLink plugin can only control TPLink Kasa App based devices. Your Ewelink smartsocket however may be able to be flashed with Tasmota firmware and if it is you could utilize my Tasmota plugin to do the same type of control.

Thanks for your response.
So I think it's smart to buy a TPlink smartplug. Flashing Tasmota to the Ewelink Smartsocket in not possible according to the manufacturer.

Can the TP-Link Tapo smartplugs work? I'm currently setup and using the wider TP smartplug but looking foe one that is a bit narrower. With 2 of the wider plugs I'm loosing out on a few sockets on my power strip.

Someone created a fork of my plugin for the Tapo devices. Some of the features were stripped out for their needs and incompatible features. I cannot speak to its use, but if you are interested you can find it here. I personally use a HS300 strip to control all my stuff.

Perfect thanks. Just looking and ordered the 3 outlet version with 2 USB is perfect for my needs. 2 USB to power the 2 Pis and 2 outlets for the 2 printers.

Depending on your pi, the USB ports may not be adequate for power. For example, if you have pi 4 devices you will more than likely run into undervoltage errors.

Running 3 or 3+ can't remember.

You still might run into undervoltage. If you are running a camera or any accessories off of your pi, you may even get a shutdown. If the USB sockets on your plug provide 2.1 A for EACH of the sockets, you might be able to get away with it but it will be close (the 3B+ is spec'd to require 2.5A) But if your socket delivers what most do, which is 3.1 A total across the two (so only 2.1A max on one and 1A on the other) then you're gonna be screwed. But the specs should say what each socket is rated for and what the total between the two is. Also, make sure you have a very good USB cable. That is usually the downfall of using a phone charger. Most cables aren't rated for nearly 2.5A.

The USB ports on devices like the TP-link are "charging" ports, not "power supply" ports. The circuitry of a "charger" is not sufficient to provide adequate "power supply" voltage / amperage.

While a device being charged might not care about any variance in the input power (and usually has additional circuitry to deal with it), this same variance will be disastrous for an RPi.

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So can you control both sockets on the HS300 individually with Octopi? I'm only seeing 1 IP address in my router.

Hover over the ip field, it explains it, but yes, by appending /# that corresponds to the plug, starting at 0 for now.

Have you considered Homeassistant I have 2 sonoff smart plugs flashed with tasmota for both the printer and my pi I have it set to shut them both down when the nozzle temps hit their target low of 100F it does not appear that you can flash tasmota on your smart plug but it may be able to be integrated into Homeassistant

I have a release candidate of the OctoPrint-TPLinkSmartplug plugin available now that uses the same index as what you see in the Kasa app and/or labels on the strip. You can switch the release channel to Release Candidate in OctoPrint's Software Update settings section and upgrade when prompted.

If you're familiar with IFTTT that is another route to take for unsupported smart plugs. You can use the iftt webhook with the regular psu control plugin to get it work. Here are some instructions from reddit