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TPlink Kasa KP303

Since I’m using all my gpio pins for octodash, I’m looking for a way to control a 3 plug Kasa power strip. The TPLinkautoshutoff plug-in looked promising, but it doesn’t work as noted, I only get a single button that shuts off all the plugs rather than three buttons for individual plugs.

Ultimately I’m looking for PSU control and a separate control for my enclosure heater, both utilizing the Kasa strip.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

This allows you to control multiple plugs.

Yeah, I’ve tried them all. Seems like a legit request. I wish I knew python, I’d be working on this myself.

What is your issue with the plugin?

I need the plug-in to control the three outlets individually, not all as one. Right now only a single switch shows up in octopi, I need three switches.

Also, according to the TPLink Autoshutoff Documentation, it states all three ports should be independently controllable.

Just in case someone else comes by here and sees this, the individual sockets are controllable by setting the IP Field as for example as the first outlet/socket on the strip. When you hover the mouse over the fields in settings, it kind of outlines that.


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