TPLinkHandler not working

I have 3 printers each with their own KP303 and OctoPi/RPi4. both of my Ender 3's work without a question, when the print is finished the KP303 shuts off the light and the printer. On my Ender 5 it doesn't do a thing.

KP303 IP address is static and has been since purchase. handler has been install/removed/cleaned/reinstalled numerous times...I'm at a loss

@ James D. McCannon

Can you check if all plugs are running the same firmware version?
A firmware update might have broken something.

2 of them (working) are on 1.0.10 and are version 1, the non working is version 2 on 1.0.3.

What I don't understand is that the other tp plugin works for the new unit it's just way more involved.

solution but not a good one, I exchanged the V2 for a dusty V1 at a local Home Depot. Everything works as it should. The plugin needs to be updated to work with the newer TPLink firmware

It may not be possible for the plugin to be updated. My TPLink plug setup was broken by TPLink pushing out a software update that disabled the local control of the plug, and the only way it would communicate would be using their 'cloud control', which is not possible for the plugin. So I'm not optimistic really. Caused a bit of a problem with the Home Assistant people as well, since they used the same protocol...