TPLinkSmartplug 0.9.19 Beta Testers Needed

I'm getting real close to releasing an update to the TPLinkSmartplug plugin with the following changes. Would be great if I could get some beta testers to give it a try for me and let me know if there are any bugs.

Hide tab if there are no energy monitoring capable plugs configured
Fix countdown related issues
Fix gcode processing related issues
Abort power off now clears countdown timers
Polling moved to server side code
Status checks on print progress
Extends file metadata to estimate power cost of the last successful print

You can install by using the URL below in plugin manager.

Tagging @OutsourcedGuru because I think he has a tplink and @OllisGit, because he may be interested in the newly extended metadata for his print job history plugin for this. If that works for you, I can use the same metadata path in my other energy monitoring power plugins to widen supported devices.

I've got lots of these things and different ones, too. I've give it a try but I might wait until next weekend though.

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I use and love your plugin so I'll give it a shot. Can I update my existing installation without losing settings?

Yes, it should upgrade without any issues.

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Works perfect! Keep it up, this plugin is lifesaver for me.

Great, thanks. I'm specifically concerned about the new features, like automatic power off on print complete, and if you have any energy monitoring devices the cost per print info added to the sidebar file list under details. I've been working with someone over here on that and we're getting weird results.

I actually use this plugin for automatically powering off the 3D printer:

I use it to send the @TPLINKOFF gcode once the extruder temp is cool enough, and that works great.
If your plugin would be able to poll for temperatures before automatically powering off, I wouldn't need the other plugin, as all that one is doing is calling the TPLINK gcode.

I'm afraid I don't use any energy monitoring, so I can't help with that.


The temperature cooldown is currently on the feature request list already and I might try to squeeze that in prior to release.

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Apologies... I worked on the weekend and did a guitar saddle design. (My bad.)

I've just pushed changes to my current development branch that incorporates the cooldown option. You can install and test using the URL below in plugin manager. Currently, the cooldown option will only work with the automatic power off, so you must enable that option as well as enable the option Off on Print Complete you want to automatically power off on print complete. It would be helpful to get some additional testing prior to me releasing an official update.

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I just tried it. And everything seemed to work. After my print, it shut down after the temperature was low enough. Looks like I can dump the PSU Control plugin.

I do have a question, is there any workflow where it will automatically power on when I send a file to OP from Cura? It doesn't need to start the print, but just turn on the printer and connect to the printer board.

The latest version of the octoprint connect plugin for cura will automatically power on a selected plug from its settings.

Which plugin is that? I'm not seeing it in a search on the plugins screen.

Also, is there any 'timeout' functionality. With the PSU control plugin, if I leave the printer idle for x minutes, it will run the power off command. Is there a way to do that with this plugin?

It's in the cura marketplace, not an octoprint plugin... it's a cura plugin called octoprint connection.

Here it is.

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I have noticed a weird issue when I cancel a print. The next print will trigger the abort shutdown window twice, have to look into why that's happening.

Lol. Of course. I don't know why I was looking in OctoPrint for that. Thanks.

Any thoughts on how to have the printer power off if it's been idle for x minutes?

Does psu plugin do that?

I just tested it and the temp monitoring works flawlessly! That's one less plugin I need to have installed.
Thanks so much!

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Awesome, If you don't mind, can you see if canceling a print has the same weird effects of a double abort?