TPLinkSmartplug Thermal Runaway Testers Needed

Looking for testers for a rudimentary thermal runaway protection on the TPLinkSmartplug plugin.

Install using the url below in plugin manager and let me know how it goes. So far my testing is working, turns off plugs with the option enabled for a plug and values set in the general settings area of the plugin. Highly recommend enabling the Auto Disconnect option for the plug that you also enable Thermal Runaway for.

Still need to tweak the energy monitoring stuff some prior to official release to support non-US plugs and hope to be able to work on that tomorrow.

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I know i haven't ponied up to get you that tplink power strip but did you manage to incorporate it into this new version anyways.

No, not yet, but I have gotten some feedback from the feature request that will help me in getting strip compatibility moving. Probably making a fork of the plugin to maintain it separately as OctoPrint-TPLinkSmartStrip.

@kurtnelle, TP-Link new individually-controllable power strip

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The TP-link plugin breaks the PSU supply plugin. It has for a long time, just checked to see if thats been fixed but its not.

Details would be great, posting to the issue tracker with those details would be even better.

Udate: Sorry, just saw your post to another issue thread in the repo. Will respond there.