TPSmartLink question with BNLink plugs

I have a couple of smart plugs that I thought would be compatible with this plugin.

I have set up one of the plugs to have a static IP reservation and I see that it is on my network at that IP. I can control it from my phone without issue. It actually works better than most devices on my phone with instant detection via blue tooth and an issue-free setup.

When I set the IP address in the plugin screen in octoprint and attempt to control the plug it doesn't work, I get no messages and no change on the plug. Should this device work? Do I need to update the firmware? I don't want to control this from my phone, the only purpose is to control heaters on octoprint so if I lost access from my phone that would be fine.

Is there a way for me to test this at a lower level, perhaps from the command line on the PI or directly with a very simple python script?

Well, my plugin lists the devices that it's known to be compatible with on its repo. My guess is since this isn't a tplink kasa device it won't be compatible. Looking at those devices is that they are probably based on Tuya and you could potentially flash them with Tasmota and use my other plugin, or possibly the Tuya plugin by someone else.