Tracking a custom image

I have an image based on Octopi, which includes octoprint (v1pi). AFAIK, we don't have many users (a few hundred at the most). Is there something I should edit in the image to let your usage tracker ( know it is my oddball image instead of your octopi image?

@guysoft, @foosel, Any thoughts?

There is a usage-statistics module in CustomPiOS. Its not as fully featured as the OctoPrint tracking, which tracks which version of Pi is used and such. It calls home on each boot giving a scrabled pi id and version of your distro.;
I haven't released the server-side because at the time there was a startup I was helping that didn't want it out:

I use it in several of my distros to know which one to develop, but its not in OctoPi.

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The environment data sent to the OctoPrint tracking server gets populated with the contents of /etc/octopi_version if it exists.

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Great. Thanks. Those are both good pointers. I will make the /etc/octopi_version have something like 0.17.0_v1pi. I won't see the numbers, but at least our users will be labeled right in your tracker.

I'm not sure I want to start the tracking myself, with the usage-statistics. It looks interesting, but I just don't spend enough time on it as it is.

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