Tronxy X5S looking for profile

Hi all,
I'm looking for a profile for the tronxy x5s running merlin 1.17 to upload in the curaEngine plugin for Octoprint. Also, it would be awesome if its already setup to use the E3D-v6 (Volcano) with a 0.8 mm nozzle! Thanks so much! I cant wait to use Octoprint with my x5s!


Honestly, most of us slice outside of OctoPrint using for example the stand-alone version of Cura (which is free). From what I understand, the Cura engine plugin inside OctoPrint will be unbundled as of the next version.

So download Cura and use that externally, uploading the gcode file to OctoPrint once sliced.

Refering to this: New release candidate: 1.3.11rc1, the Cura plugin will be unbundled in future versions of OctoPrint.

CuraEngine will be unbundled. Cura was never bundled. Thereโ€™s a big difference

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@fieldOfView: Ok, foosel's post talks about the Cura plugin

Sigh. Ok, points back to you.

@foosel, is there still time to rename the unbundled plugin Legacy CuraEngine plugin?

Considering that it's a different plugin now - sure, though I'm going for "CuraEngine Legacy". I've just tagged and pushed a release of it that renames it. Identifier stays the same though. That isn't really visible to users anyhow and it would be a huge PITA to add another migration routine now from curalegacy to curaenginelegacy for the people who've already installed this plugin and migrated from the bundled one.


Awesome. As long as the user-facing part is correct I am happy.

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How about "the plugin formerly known as Cura"?

I do currently print from cura on PC and via SC card. My prints are pretty good, with the 0.8mm nozzle, strong and fast. Just wanted to see if any one had there's already setup with octoprint. If any one does have a 0.8mm cura profile in general, I could test it, I'm always up for trying new things to see if I can improve prints.

I don't know of anyone who uses the Cura engine within OctoPrint anymore. As mentioned, it will soon be removed. So get comfortable in the stand-alone Cura, slice things and upload that to the web interface.

It will be easier to find a working Tronxy profile for the stand-alone (new) versions of Cura.

What about cura machine settings, I cannot find on the internet the proper steps for setting up the x5s printer in cura, I did mine myself, but it may not be perfect.

I provided a link to someone on Thingiverse who is providing their Cura profile for this printer. Downloading/uncompressing this yields:


Typing how to install printer profile in cura into a search engine shows me the top result for that: Manage profiles, Ultimaker Cura. Without thinking too hard about this, I'm going to go with #6 (final answer).

thats just the profile, not the 'add printer, machine settings'
Whats weird is the 'gantry height' does nothing in my gcode.
Some default to 999999 or Ive changed it around between 50 and 80 and nothing changes in the sliced gcode.
Like I said Ive used all of the public profiles for x5s and tweaked it to my volcano 0.8mm. I just thought it wouldnt hurt to ask here if anyone also had a successful profile.

The gantry height is only used for one-at-a-time printing. It does not affect your gcode.

There are more appropriate fora to get help with Cura...

Derp, youre right. I guess I'm sticking with my profile for now then. The only thing that is odd with my prints is on cylinders, I see a vertical line from top to bottom exactly where the nozzle would go to the next wall count. Never knew how to fix that.