Trying to write new plugin, need API to get gcode


Hi devs,

I'm currently writing on a Plugin that wraps the STL-Tweaker (autorotation module) and the Slic3r and it should be external. (no doc yet)

It works, but I still have problems to handle the gcode_name path. I look for an API to fetch the name from the slic3r html, with the profile it runs with:
profile_dict, display_name, description = self._load_profile(profile_path)

At the moment I send a to the external server, that processes the file and back the gcode (with a default name now). Afterwards a second .gco-file is created, which is a one-liner..
Is there a smoother way to only return a single file that has the correct name?

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You'll want to use the filemanager.preprocessor hook documented here. I use it in my CustomBackground plugin to move the uploaded image file into a different directory, as seen in the link here. Hopefully that helps you out.


Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately not. My preprocessing functionality is for autorotating and slicing. My problem is that I can't extract the selected name of the future machinecode. The problem lies in the filemanager/init(), where the real destinal_path is overwritten by a random one:

		f = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix=".gco", delete=False) # Why?????
		temp_path =

As a result, the name I get is of the form "tmpuHMJ2L.gco" and I have to name the gcode manually by a static pattern.
Is there any workaround to get the desired name from the webinterface.


Oh, then you should look into the event hooks maybe. Specifically file-handling event with the EventHandlerPlugin mixin. Something like...

def on_event(self, event, payload):
	if event == "FileAdded":
		# do work using payload.path here


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I could retrieve the filename with:

	# EventPlugin
	def on_event(self, event, payload):
		if event == "SlicingStarted":
			self.machinecode_name = payload.get("gcode", None)