Turn Off Bed before print ends. when 8 minutes remaining


Hi everyone, my name is Nicolas, and I use Octoprint with 4 Ultimaker 2+, with ABS Material, and I need to tunr off the bed of the printer when the print time left is 8 minutes.

I dont know how to develop a plugin, but I think is a great pluging that can help everyone who needs to remove the models fast from bed, So, It should work like:

Turn off the bed when remaining 8 minutes to finish the print.

I imagine that it shoul be something when Print Time Left < 8 minutes, then send the command M140 S0, and then continue printing to the end of the gcode

Thanks in advance



That's a good idea. I don't currently have a heated bed or I'd consider it.


What's the magic about 8 minutes?


With a print of 8 hours, 8 minutes to wait after print does not matter.
But cooling down too early can pop off the print from the bed...


Is not only the Magic of 8 minutes, it could be X minutes.... if we do that plugin... we can remove the prints faster and start another print again. I produce with 16 Ultimaker 2+ and I need to produce faster, this short script will help to not wait to the bed heat down.

If cooling is too early, the time must be configured manually for different cases.

Please helpme to develop it. !!



Came on guys, you are my only hope!!! haha.
Or please, help me how to develop it... maybe I can hire a developer.