Turn off power limited mode

So I cant install new plugins because the power limited mode (leistungsbegrenzt in german). I use octoprint for more than a year, and never had problems with plugins. How can I turn it off?
Heres a screenshot of the gui, you can see the warning in the yellow box (in german): https://i.imgur.com/xRP6myn.png

The best way to turn it off is to fix your power problem :wink:
But if you don't care you can just disable the raspberry support in the settings

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Also take care that the printer board does not draw power from the Pi.

  • Disconnect anything like USB lights or webcams that are plugged into your Pi
  • Make sure that the power at the wall outlet is what it is supposed to be (plug it into a UPS)
  • Make sure that the power adapter for the Pi has enough current (5V @ 2.5A)
  • Make sure that the printer is plugged in, the power switch is on and it isn't sinking power from your Pi
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Its not my PSU beeing not good enaugh but my Pi beeing too slow

Maybe there was something lost in translation because this doesn't make a lot of sense to me :smiley:

Du sagst, dein Problem sei nicht das Netzteil, sondern, dass der Pi zu langsam ist?
Was meinst du damit?