Turn on/off printer with smart plug

there is a plugin wich use a smart plug for turn on or off the printer? and there is a plug in wich turn on/off usb plug?

You can use this plugin to control TP Link smart plugs.
What do you mean by turn on/off usb plug?

...my printer, if the usb cable is connected is in "demi on"...so...the display is on..the fan is on... naturally the motors and nozzle not have power for print... so...i would like disable or enableusb power when the print start or finish..is possible?

I checked my Crystal Ball but it did not reveal the make and model of your printer, the make and model of the system running OctoPrint, and the version numbers for your firmware, OS, and OctoPrint.

Using a WAG, I'm going to say that the RPi USB port power can be controlled, but it controls all of the ports, not each one individually. You can use uhubctl.

If your printer is listed in https://community.octoprint.org/t/printers-known-to-have-backpowering-issues/25913, then I'd suggest using the simple fix documented in that topic.


This is definitely the solution to the problem and will help prevent serial timeout errors potentially with Creality machines, if that happens to be what you have.

Thanks for that link, b-morgan. Not that I need it - the CR10 doesn't really care, but it will be nice to be able to "fix" the backpowering (sometimes a website is too intelligent - I don't want that word linkified) "problem".

maybe i solved it, my printer is a geeetech aluminum i3 pro ... with sanguinololu card, it is not among the list of printers listed in the link posted by b-morgan, but I followed the instructions and it seems to work. It is no longer powered by the usb after the change I also clicked a "home" and the printer ran the command. I have not yet tried to print but as soon as I can I will do it. however the printer is connected. o, t ,: crystall ball in italy is a game for children crystall ball