Two "Dolly i3" in Ikea LACK

My Printers:
i3 MKS SBASE (crap DRV8825), Marlin 2.0, V6 clone, MK3 heatbed, full 24V(360w)
i3 Arduino MEGA, RAMPS 1.6, TMC2130(x,y) Marlin 1.8, V6 clone, MK42 heatbed, 12V (240w)

Asrock Q1900M, 4GB Ram, 32GB USB-Stick,
(power consumption actually 18w replacement PICO-PSU is ordered -> then it should be 7-9W again :smiley: )
OS: Ubuntu Mate, Docker, Octoprint actually only one Logitech c310.

To do:
Second filamentguide
One hole for the powercables
"MKS Glatter" for the crappy DRV8825 (E0 + Z)
Add TMC2130 to SBASE (x,y)
Reassemble the second Printer
Put the second door on the table
Get the Display working on the MKS SBASE
Change to MK3 frame
Add P.I.N.D.A probe 2

Printartifacts because of the DRV8825 :frowning:

edit 2.4.18:

Super installation bravo.
J'ai vu dans ta configuration que tu as Octoprint avec une C310 Logitech.
Moi je n'arrive pas Γ  la faire marcher tu pourrais m'aider ?

I have just plugged it in :wink: it works ootb

  stream: http://<Your IP>:8080/?action=stream
  snapshot: http://<Your IP>:8080/?action=snapshot
  ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

ok you have to add these lines to your config when you installed ffmpeg as in the octopi distrie

You have a lot of change because me it does not work.
Could you give me your octopi.txt file?

I managed to install it thanks to you.
thank you very much :wink:

New PSU installed, at this time 11W consumption.
Now i have to move the Ubuntu installation to a 16GB+ USB3.0 stick :smiley:

Got a free Mk42 + pinda probe today.
So i can upgrade my second printer to mk3 frame and Prusa Firmware :smiley:

Sunday afternoon cleaning :smiley:

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this is a thing i have to change :smiley: also the door on the left side it hangs a little to the bottom ...