Two-factor authentication and Patreon sign-in how?

I used the Patreon link to sign up and was going to set two-factor authentication but it want's my password. I don't think I have a password, at least it didn't accept my Patreon password. I'm wondering if two-factor can be used with an associated site signon ... not a big deal to be sure.


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The two factor authentication feature still seems to be a fairly new one in Discourse, at least as far as I understood from the discussion about it. And something tells me that they forgot that people logging in through a login provider don't necessarily have a local password which is currently needed for settings up 2FA. Or maybe they just forgot disabling to allow to set it up.

Would be interesting if it works if you request a password reset through your account settings, and once you have setup a password try to configure 2FA. I could imagine that it will work but still allow you to login through Patreon. Just a shot in the dark though.

Those were my thoughts too. I'll see if I can try the password reset thing and see what that breaks.

Right now I'm just poking at things to see what it feels like. I love the idea and I hope it works out well. So far I'm liking the platform.


I also hope it works out well. The current state was simply not working well at all anymore, way too fragmented and impossible to track, so here's to things improving :clinking_glasses: